Athletic Performance (Girls)

Sessions: June-July

Time: 6th, 7th & 8th grade:7:00 AM - 8:45 AM

Time: HS & ROTC:9:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Dates: The week of June 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th,July 13th & 27th (Monday-Thursday)

Location: Basketball Gym & Auxiliary Weight room, 101 Chris Kelley Blvd. Hutto, TX 78634,

Student: 6th-12th grade & ROTC

Instructor: Hutto ISD Head Strength Coach, Coach Jason Haliburton & Hutto ISD Coaching Staff

Description of Class: Hutto ISD's Girls Summer Athletic Performance Camp is designed to promote competitive toughness through a physically and mentally challenging strength program which focuses on specific energy systems. Success in athletics is determined by the ability to produce power, control speed, be agile and have flexibility.Your daughter will develop those skills to give themselves the opportunity to gain the advantage in competition by going through a comprehensive strength, speed, agility, quickness, and flexibility program. During the camp students will: • Use Olympic lifts and plyometric training to harness the power needed to be reactive and explosive, • Implement strength training to increase muscle size and strength, • Improve agility training (the ability to quickly change direction along with ability to accelerate/decelerate), • Improve the athlete’s energy system (aerobic or anaerobic) based on the demands of their sport by implementing sport-specific conditioning, • Incorporate flexibility training to allow for greater range of motion (ROM) of a joint helping to reduce joint and muscle injuries.

What to Bring: Water, athletic attire & tennis shoes

Registration Fee: $100

(Earn a shirt by getting 80% attendance 19/24 days)

Athletic Performance (Girls)


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Middle School HHS Volleyball Camp

Sessions: 2 Days (Monday & Tuesday)

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Dates: July 27th - July 28th

Location: Hutto High School Main Gym, 101 Chris Kelley Blvd. Hutto, TX 78634

Student: Entering 6th-8th grade

Instructor: This camp is run by Hutto ISD Coaches from Hutto HS, Farley MS and Hutto MS

Description of Class:This is an ALL-SKILLS camp designed to get our middle schooler players (going into the 6th-8th grade) ready for their school and/or club tryouts. The 2 days of camp will break down the basic skills required to play volleyball. Not only do we teach you the skills needed to be successful, but we compete in drills to get ready for game play. The volleyball camp is open to the public.

What to Bring: Campers should wear volleyball shoes (any tennis shoe will work), socks, shorts, a T-shirt, and knee pads (if owned). Volleyballs and water will be provided.

Registration Fee: $80


Basketball Camp (Girls)

Sessions: 3 Days (Monday - Wednesday)

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Dates: June 15th - June 17th (Camp dates may adjust)

Location: Hutto High School Gym, 101 Chris Kelley Blvd. Hutto, TX 78634

Student: incoming 3rd-incoming 9th grade

Instructor: Hutto ISD Basketball Coach, Coach Jennifer Hoffman

Description of Class: Our camps are designed to give campers the proper instruction and guidance to help them reach their full potential as basketball players and students. In these sessions, campers will learn the proper skills and techniques for shooting, passing, ball handling, and defending. Great players are made in the summer. We understand that four days of camp alone will not immediately make you a great player. If you take the lessons and drills taught to you by our coaching staff and apply them to your workouts at home, you will see tremendous results. Ex-Hutto basketball players will also be available to instruct players the basic fundamentals of basketball. The basketball clinic is open to the public.

What to Bring: Campers should wear basketball shoes, socks, shorts, and a T-shirt. We will furnish basketballs and water. A camp store will be available for soda and snack purchases.

Registration Fee: $80


Hutto High School Volleyball Team Camp

Dates: July 29th - July 31st, Wednesday-Friday

Time: 8:00am-11:00am and 1:00pm-3:00pm (one camp with two sessions)

Location: Hutto High School Main Gym, 101 Chris Kelley Blvd. Hutto, TX 78634

Student: Entering 9th-12th grade

Instructor: This camp is hosted by Coach Burns (HHS head coach) and led by Coach Rachael (Kidder) Sunder. Coach Rachael is a former outside hitter at UCLA and current club coach at Austin Skyline Juniors. Coach Rachael was a member of UCLA's National Championship team in 2011 and was named the Most Outstanding Player of the NCAA Tournament. She was a volunteer assistant coach with The University of Texas at Austin and has coached for Sports Shack Club (CA), Actyve Volleyball Club (CA) before working with Austin Skyline Juniors for the last four years. There will also be several assistant coaches at the camp.

Description of Class:During these three days, the potential Freshmen, JV, and Varsity Volleyball players from Hutto will go through rigorous workouts pertaining to the offensive and defensive systems that Hutto Volleyball implements. Athletes will also get the repetitions necessary to review skills and come in prepared and ready for the upcoming season. The experienced coaches that will be running the camp are players that have played or coaches who have coached at a high level of skills and competition. They are familiar with the techniques that the Hutto program runs, but will also use other drills and methods to reach the players for their overall success. ***This camp does not insure the player a spot on a team after tryouts, but will help prepare her to do her best during the tryout period. The volleyball camp is open to HHS feeder students.

What to Bring:Campers should wear volleyball shoes, socks, shorts, a T-shirt, and knee pads. Volleyballs and water will be provided.

Registration Fee: $150